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» Welcome to Project Rebirth


I am somewhat reluctant to announce the newest "Jim" Series being referred to under my roof as "Project Rebirth"
After months of messages related to when Jim was going to be updated, and just never having the drive to continue a downward spiral of storyline that nobody understood and nobody cared to tell me sucked until it was announced that I had given up. I've tried to think of how to give "Jim" a breath of fresh air. Thusly, I give you, Project Rebirth. A.K.A. "This is Jim."
Hopefully The new comic "This is Jim" will follow a somewhat Dick and Jane story with SHORT story arcs if any.

The first pages are an introductory/summary for, ugh, "NEW" readers >> and those of you who never understood the storyline (even though It won't be as in depth as I'd of liked it to be)
P.S. I totally figure if you didn't Fave Jim in the first few years of it's running, you won't start any time soon.
Fans are Forever <3 and I love the ones I have!

There Will hopefully be More of an "Update Page" (Are you loving all the quotations, yet?) issued in a week or so. Keep an Eye out I guess.
I'd love to chat with you guys sometime soon :[ I Love You!!

» Dear Diary,

Hi. My name's Jim. I'm 8 years old and I love to play baseball. I got this diary from my father for my birthday... He never loved me... He tells me to write my thoughts and daily life down in this diary so i can send it back to him to read one day... I hope he likes it :)


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